Solar Screen Company of Pittsburgh Window Film Founder

About Our Founder

Robert Wilson founded the Solar Screen Co. of Pittsburgh Window Film business in 1959.  Robert found that serving in the Army 11th Airborne as a Paratrooper and being a graduate of Duquesne University Business School were a great help in being a pioneer in the window film business.  Robert had the foresight to envision many of Pittsburgh's downtown office buildings having energy saving window films installed to them years before the average building manager understood what an outstanding value solar screen window films represented.  During his time as President of the Solar Screen Co. of Pittsburgh Window Film, his company installed thousands of square feet of energy saving window films to commercial businesses, residential properties, and vehicles. 

While much has changed over the years, window films also continue to improve and evolve. However, one thing has not changed, the commitment of Solar Screen Co. of Pittsburgh Window Film to customer satisfaction and customer service.  The tradition continues as Robert's son Jay installs the best window film at the most reasonable cost.   

Robert continues to be a consultant for Solar Screen Window Films when opportunities arise.  His service and commitment to the company have been greatly appreciated.