Symposium on Rare Earth Extraction and Separation Held at Guangzhou Circle

Oct. 15, 2018

The Symposium on Rare Earth Extraction and Separation was held at Guangzhou Circle Mansion on 13 October. 

The symposium was co-organised by the Association of China Rare Earth, the Chinese Society of Rare Earths, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry and Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd. More than 120 people, including both experts and entrepreneurs in the field of rare earth, attended the symposium.


Mr Wang Xiaotie, deputy general secretary of the Association of China Rare Earth, was in the chair of the symposium, and four representatives, from the Association of China Rare Earth, the Chinese Society of Rare Earths, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry and Hongda Xingye co., Ltd respectively, delivered addresses. The speakers mentioned that China boasted great advantages in the global rare-earth market: the country is rich in a wide range of rare earth resources, produces high-quality rare-earth products, creates state-of-the-art techniques and generates a large amount of economic income by developing the rare earth industry. The firm hoped to contribute to the development of the rare-earth industry, said Mr Zhou Yifeng, head of Hongda Xingye. Mr Zhou noted that New Damao Rare Earth, a subsidiary of Hongda Xingye, was one of the earliest firms which ran the business of rare-earth separation, and it has grown into a big company which covered various sectors, from rare-earth selecting, smelting, extracting to deep processing. In recent years, thanks to the firms’ great efforts in technological development and innovation, the firm has made great achievements in the application of rare earth, creating PVC heat stabilizer and catalyst for rare-earth denitration. 






The highlight of the two-day symposium was the academic reports given by Mr Li Deqian, a well-known researcher of rare earth from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, on three topics, namely, Development of the Extraction of Rare Earth with Phosphorus Extractant, the Extraction and Separation of Yttrium, and Thorium and Radioactive Wastes. As an expert engaging in the research of rare earth for nearly six decades, Li delivered his detailed, strong presentations in a logically-clear manner, demonstrating his appreciation of rare earth and his thoughts on technological innovation. The participants lavished praise on the presentations. 


During the symposium, Mr Li also discussed with the participants on the trends and key techniques of the rare-earth industry and gave useful suggestions to companies on production-related problems, shedding light on the companies’ technological breakthroughs. The firm representatives were fully involved into the symposium and expressed their ideas on other issues, creating a good atmosphere for the symposium.


The symposium is of great significance and would have profound influences on both the rare earth industry and Hongda Xingye. It has enhanced the communication among market participants in the industry and would offer new ideas and chances for the development of the techniques for rare-earth extraction and separation. 

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