Apprentice signing ceremony for "532 Talents Project"

May 04, 2018

Hongda Xingye Group Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Hongda Xingye”) successfully held the apprentice signing ceremony for "532 Talents Project" in multi-functional conference hall, on sixth floor in Guangzhou Circle. Tutors and student representatives of "532 Talents Project" attended this ceremony.


The apprentice signing ceremony was carried out in 9 stages, namely, dressing up properly, apprenticing, cleansing, enlightening wisdom with cinnabar, and reading the disciple gauge. Firstly, students stood in turn, with their tutors dressing up properly and wearing the company's badge for them. Then tutors enlightened student’s wisdom with cinnabar, gave students the disciple gauge and read some excerpts.



Tutor representative Hu Haifeng said: “We will earnestly practice what our company advocates, inherit the cultural traditions of “transmitting, helping, and guiding”, and foster reserve cadres and talents for company.

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In the future, Hongda Xingye Group will continue to provide employees with various learning platforms, strive to promote the overall quality of talents, and work to create the future with each employee. 


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