The research group for Belt and Road Initiative in charge of NDRC visits Hongda Xingye for inspection

Feb. 07, 2018

On February 1, Yang Guang, head of the research group for Belt and Road Initiative in charge of NDRC and director of West Asia and Africa Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visited Hongda Xingye for inspection and exchanges.


During this inspection, the research group fully affirmed the achievements made by Hongda Xingye. Yang Guang said the survey aimed to build a bridge of cooperation between outstanding domestic enterprises and Middle East, Africa, etc, and to promote the construction and development of Belt and Road Initiative.


Chairman Zhou Yifeng welcomed the arrival of the research group and introduced the state of development of our company in the fields of resources and energy, chemicals, new materials and environmental protection. According to Chairman Zhou Yifeng, the national strategy of "Belt and Road Initiative" is of great significance and provides new opportunities for the development of Chinese enterprises. In the future, our company will continue to base itself on the domestic and the world, and strive to become a specialized, large-scale, modern and world-class enterprise.



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