Hongda Xingye won “The Gold Junma Award of the most socially responsible listed company”.

Jan. 24, 2018

The first New Era Capital Forum in the theme of “China's New Era, New Value Coordinate” was held in Beijing on January 19. With a total of more than 300 people attending this forum including supervision department leaders, economists and other members from financial institutions as well as listed companies, the forum discussed topics such as preventing and mitigating risks, improving the institutional weakness, and promoting structural optimization. Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd. was invited and won the Gold Junma Award of the most socially responsible listed company.


As a highly socially responsible listed company, Hongda Xingye has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "To Work to create the future". While it steadily improves the economic benefits, Hongda Xingye has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, and has made great efforts in environmental protection as well as public welfare for poverty alleviation. The Gold Junma Award is not only a recognition of Hongda Xingye's work, but also an encouragement for its social responsibility construction in the future. Hongda Xingye will continue to actively practice social responsibility and give back to the society better.




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