Warmly celebrate the 65th anniversary of Wuhai Chemical Industry

Jan. 04, 2018

On December 25, the 65th anniversary celebration of Wuhai Chemical Industry was held ceremoniously. Wuhai Municipal Party Secretary Shi Wanjun, members of Municipal Standing Committee such as Chen Wenku, Su Zhongsheng and Quan Jueming, as well as Hongda Xingye Chairman Zhou Yifeng attended the meeting.


Chairman Zhou Yifeng in his speech said: founded in 1952, Wuhai Chemical Industry is the first chemical company in Inner Mongolia, and it’s known as "the cradle of chemical industry in Inner Mongolia." After being acquired by Hongda Xingye in 2004, it has realized the recycling of resources through all-round innovation in product lines, equipments and technologies. Nowadays it has become a well-known large-scale environment-friendly chemical enterprise in China.


We firmly believe that under the correct guidance of the policies of party and government, and with the joint efforts of Chairman Zhou Yifeng and all colleagues, Wuhai Chemical Industry will become even more brilliant tomorrow!


Chairman Zhou Yifeng delivered a speech


A group photo

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