Leaders from Commission of Economy and Information Technology come to visit GDPE

Apr. 21, 2017

On the afternoon of April 17, director XiaoLiang yan and deputy director WangWen jun, from Information Promotion Department of Commission of Economy and Information Technology in Guangdong province, and deputy director WangYu tong, from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Guangdong, as well as deputy director general LiLiang, from Science and Industry Bureau in Liwan district, those leaders visited and inspected GDPE accompanied by general manager of GDPE LuXiao qing.


This study made an in-depth discussion focusing on “Internet Plus Town” which is a new industrial form of integrating industrialization, urbanization, informatization and greenization, as well as a significant step for pushing on steady growth in economy. Guangdong province published the  first list of “Internet Plus Town” in June 6, 2016, and this study just made preparation for second declaration for “Internet Plus Town”.

GDPE has recently forged ahead in electronic trading, logistics, and information technology with a steady pace. GDPE will continue to actively implement the informatization guidelines from Commission of Economy and Information Technology.


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